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MomentPlayer offers a unique opportunity for users to earn $MOMENT by streaming music, referring friends, and engaging with our community. You can redeem your points for $MOMENT tokens and enjoy exclusive music, merchandise, and other rewards. Plus, with our user-friendly import interface, you can easily access your favorite tracks from anywhere, anytime.


You can easily favorite songs and add them to your playlist with just a few taps. MomentPlayer supports independent artists, so you can discover and support up-and-coming talent. Join us now and start curating custom playlists that match your mood and style.

Enjoy the $MOMENT!

Enjoy the $MOMENT!

Enjoy the $MOMENT!

Enjoy the $MOMENT!

Enjoy the $MOMENT!

Enjoy the $MOMENT!

Enjoy the $MOMENT!

Enjoy the $MOMENT!

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MomentPlayer provides a seamless experience for music fans to discover and listen to the latest hits from top trending artists. With our intelligent organization system, you can easily find and access the music you want to listen to. Whether you're in the mood for pop, rock, or hip-hop, our app has got you covered.

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Setting the stage for your $MOMENT.

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